Simona Orsatti




– Yeah?
– I was wondering… Do you know the difference between love and obsession?
– No
– (…) and what’s the difference between obsession and desire?
– I don’t know
– Do you think this feeling will last forever?
– You mean like… forever ever? Forever ever? Forever ever? Forever ever? […] Sure!
– God, I hope so
– Me too!

(Desire. Under your spell)

A project by Simona Orsatti  (Original photos) and Tommaso Bonaiuti aka Helter Skelter (Post Production Graphics)


Special thanks to ASKEW for the audio track

“AAHHH” from the album “Volume one”

Recordings by Justin Bennett, Jeff Smith and Filippo Corradin.
Additional sounds by Databomb, Joe Virus, and Stefano Rossello.

Produced by Justin Bennett at Studio 23 Bologna.

all rights reserved